Patrol Reports

Lady Cael’lyn, Master Warden and High Lord of Penterius.

Our recent scouting on the North Western borders has shown an explosion of deer herds due to the shrinking wolf population.

The last two springs have seen higher than normal survival rates for the fawns and now there is some damage being caused to both the forest and the adjacent farms.

We are requesting permission to drive several herds into selected farmland areas for culling to bring the population back to a manageable level.

There is also a 12 point stag that is becoming dangerously territorial that is threatening the local foragers. It is an aging beast that has driven of all the young bucks. Several locals have asked for permission to hunt the creature during the Spring Equinox for the glory of Erastil. The alternative is to relocate the old beast.

What are your orders?

Tarion Brassford
2nd Season Ranger

Patrol Reports

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