Feylands Council

The Feylands is ruled by a Triumvirate, the three founding rulers of the City of Maelstrom and conquerors of the Bandit King, The Stag Lord.

Each Lord holds one of the twelve ruling positions of The Feylands and have final say on all matters of state and rule. They have the right to remove or promote anyone in the Country to one of the other nine seats of power.

The other nine positions are held by various residents of the country and are expected to serve their new country to the best of their abilities. They have a voice in the matters of court but may be over-ruled by the three High Lords.

The highest of these positions is the Seneschal, the person who runs the country day to day and makes sure that all the Lords are fulfilling their duties. The Seneschal has executive authority when the High Lords are not available and can even marshal the armies in times of emergency if no higher authority is around.

Below the council are the mayors and rulers of the various settlements within the Country. Often, they already have a position on the council, but not always. They can make requests to the council and can reasonably expect an audience with council or seneschal when requested.

Seneschal – Hilde von Volfheim

Hildegard von Volfheim is a young cavalier from a noble family in Restov. She first served the High Lords as a messenger from the Aldori Swordlords. She made frequent trips between Restov and Oleg’s Trading Post and even defended it against an organized bandit assault.

Hilde was offered the position of Seneschal from the first day Maelstrom was founded. Though unsure of her capabilities, she accepted and has gone on to be a tireless and wise caretaker. While not in full personal support of some the High Lord’s decisions of council appointments, she professionally accepts them, though she does keep closer tabs of their activities.

During the very few times she gets to herself, she works on the two catapults she acquired from Oleg or trains. She has just taken over as the Grandmaster of her grandfather’s cavalier order due to his disappearance and supposed death.

High Magister – Garnavan the Incorruptable

The Paladin has shown considerable flexibility in many of his judgements and law making. Often basing decisions on individual cases and the fairest outcome instead of firm, unyielding laws, Garnavan has given the common man the hope of a fair trial, something that is rare to find in Golarion.

Some believe that some of the leniency comes from the Paladin’s own preference for what some would consider scandalous behavior. While devout to his faith and sure in is own righteousness, the temptations of the flesh is a well known flaw of the handsome Lord.

High Warden – Cael’lan Dwinghymn

The least seen of the High Lords within the castle walls, Cael’lan splits her time with training the boundary riders that protect the country’s borders from bandits and creatures alike and securing the safety of the Margreve.

Of all the River Kingdoms, banditry is the lowest in the Feylands as she takes a zero tolerance to such activities. The only crime that will bring an even more brutal and swift death is that of poaching and illegal logging.

Spy Master – Miro the Mouse

The likable little halfling has built an extensive network of informants and agents throughout the Feylands. Little happens within the boundaries of the country without Miro knowing in short fashion.

The spy network is not only for the defense of the Country but also a way for him to gain contacts in the Bellflower Network, the organisation responsible for freeing and re-locating halfling slaves.

Royal Assassin – Crow

The Varisian assassin and his assistant Kite are the official troubleshooters for the Feylands. Whether an example is required or a subtle “accident”, Crow makes sure that those who look to bring the fledgling country down are removed.

However, the role of the Executioner is not performed by either Crow or Kite. Not interested in simple beheadings, that role is secretly performed by a hooded Kressle.

Treasurer – Martus Sarkane

Chosen by the noble families of Maelstrom to sit on the council, Martus has proven to be a skilled diplomat, treasurer and kingdom builder. While he has caused Hilde some headaches with his strong opinions and want to question every expenditure, it has been to the benefit of the Kingdom at every turn.

It also appears that if the nobles were going to have an easy voice on their behalf on the council, they were very wrong. Taking no sides in the ongoing political game between the rulers and nobles, he scrutinizes both factions equally.

General – Kesten Garess

Keston has just been promoted to General from his previous position of Marshal, a decision he is more than happy with. A skilled and experienced Captain in Brevoy, he and his hand-picked band were praised for their tireless pursuit of bandits and run-away thieves and murderers.

Keston has a generally gruff exterior but genuinely cares for his men which makes his training much tougher, he wants them to survive and so drills them daily.

It is known that Keston was chased out of Brevoy due to some scandal with a noble woman but the details are hazy. Keston has yet to find another lady in The Feylands and with his awkward and gruff nature, it may be a while yet.

Marshal – Kressle

A former bandit lieutenant under the Stag Lord, Kressle was spared the noose by the High Lord Garnavan. She has served Maelstrom as it’s executioner for the first two years but has recently been promoted to Marshal.

Kressle is stern, quick to anger and impulsive but she knows how to inspire fear and loyalty in men and has quickly gained the respect of the town guard. She knows full well that she is on a short leash and tries to reign in her more base nature when dealing with criminals. However, if a criminal resorts to lethal force, she has no problem dealing with the situation herself instead of sending in her men.

It is no secret that she is slightly obsessed with High Lord Garnivan and has a seething dislike for the Seneschal, Hilde. Whilst considered fearless, she does appear nervous when High Lord Cael’lan is about.

Councilor – Azura

While considered almost equal to the High Lords themselves, Azura has been hesitant to cast a vote in many of the kingdom changing decisions. As councilor, her main interest is representing the will of the people and with training and mentoring from Luna, she has become a skilled negotiator in her own right. Her greatest test and success has been facilitating the annexing of Nettle’s Crossing from Brevoy.

Azura is well-liked by the majority of the populace, her followers spruiking her deeds at every opportunity and administering aid and healing in her name. Only the staunch, conservative followers of Erastil consider her a dangerous element to the hard working and pious of the land.

Grand Diplomat – Lena the Dryad

Lena is still a little bit on an enigma to the populace of Maelstrom. Most believe her to be an elf that just happens to have delicate wings and extremely beautiful but she has a slight otherworldly presence about her. She is friendly to all she meets and an excellent negotiator and mediator which has already resulted in increased trade for the country.

Her past however is a little more tragic, she is actually a dryad, one that has lost her link with her tree. Yet when it burned at the hands of warmongers in the River Kingdoms, she did not die with it. She believes that a seed of her tree still lives and grows somewhere and she has spent two hundred years searching for it. Due to the length away from her tree, she has lost a lot of the standard dryad features like green skin.

Lena has recently married Lysel Dwin’ghymn, High Lord Cael’lan Dwin’ghymn’s brother. They generally live in the Margreve Fort.

High Priest – Latricia Evanore

Latricia Evanore is an ex-adventurer who roamed throughout Brevoy and the River Kingdoms with her partner, Loy Rezbin, the Mayor of Tatzlford. Though a devout follower of Erastil, Latricia is quite open-minded for a religious leader due to her years on the road mixing with people of all faiths and teachings.

Despite being an attractive women in her early thirties from an Upper Class background, Latricia can usually be found in a simple smock or tabard travelling around the forest tending to land or injured animals.

Latricia humbly accepted the position of High Priest after the former was assassinated. She spends most of her time between the Forest Temple and the Temple in Tatzlford. Despite not having a Temple in the Capital City, Latricia would prefer just a small shrine instead of drawing away from the already established Temples.

Lore Master – Ardeth

Ardeth is a Magus from the Lands of Qadira, Gateway to the East. Part of an immense Empire, Qadira is a place of miracles, genies, unimaginable wealth and ancient abandoned cities.

Ardeth is a devout worshipper of Sarenrae, the primary religion of the Kelish and the styles of the fabled desert dancers, or dervishes, are evident in his fighting style. Blending dance, scimitar and magic, Ardeth is a wonder to behold in a fight.

Ardeth’s knowledge of the arcane is profound as Qadira is a land of magic, it is part of everyday life and considered a most noble of pursuits. Though relatively unknown to the High Lords, ha has taken a place as the Loremaster for The Feylands. Ardeth is delighted to have the opportunity to spread both the knowledge of Sarenrae and Kelish magics as well as open his own school of Magus training.

Feylands Council

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