Warriors of the Gloaming Woods

Faction Description: Followers of the Green Faith who seek to maintain balance and peace between The Margreve and the The Feylands
Faction Leader: Cael’lyn Dwin’ghymn
Faction Commander Lysel Dwin’ghymn
Faction Base: Llanweald Tower
Faction Size: 15 1st, 1 2nd
Faction Score: 17
Faction Resource Pool: 5
Permanent Bonuses: None
Skirmishers: Army – Cael’lan

Kylie symbol copyThis group of druids, rangers, warriors and bards was formed by the Lady Cael’lan Dwin’ghymn in the year 4710. They keep the balance between civilisation and the forest, between the old ways and the new. They ensure neither encroaches too much on the other. They are the guardians of neutrality and nature, of the forest and its people. They remind people of the interconnection among all things and the importance of the cycles of the seasons and of birth and rebirth.

Bards use the arts of storytelling to preserve the stories of the people, the myths and legends that told them who they were and where they came from. Stories of the old gods and goddesses and the Fae-folk give the mysterious universe meaning and ensure that even though the populace turns from them, they are still revered by action and ritual.

Druids and rangers teach the lore of healing, law, natural philosophy, and right reverence towards all things. Scholars study methods of prophecy, ritual and sacrifice, which they perform in their sacred groves of oak and ash. Fae (both light and dark), animals and trees are sacred beings to be respected for their age and wisdom and their deep knowledge of earth, water, and stone.

Based in the Elven ruins on the outskirts of the Margreve, Lysel Dwin’ghymn heads the group while his sister Cael’lan attends her duties as one of the High Lords of the Feylands. Tyg Titter Tut and Pervilash have been appointed high guardians of the Enchanted Glade and Mayors of the Royal Reserve.

Warriors of the Gloaming Woods

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