Fort Hooktongue

Neutral Evil Small Town
Corruption: +4; Crime: 0; Economy: +1; Law: +1; Lore: +1; Society: -2
Qualities: Notorious, Strategic Location
Danger: 10
Government: Autocracy (Lord Numesti)
Population: 1,360 (1,200 human, 44 Half-elf, 59 dwarf, 29 elf, 22 halfling, 20 half-orc, 5 other
Town Centre: House x2, Tavern, Inn, Shop x2, Temple, Brothel, Smithy, Watchtower, Stable, Tenement x4, Shrine, Pier, Castle
Base Value: 3,150gp; Purchase Limit: 3,750gp; Spellcasting: 4th
Satinder Morne (CN Female Human Cleric of Calistria 5th / Rogue 1st) – Owner and madam of the brothel and festhall, Velvet Corner
Lord Numesti (NG Male Human Fighter 7th / Rogue 3rd) – Commander of Fort Hooktongue and Feylands’s Militia

Fort Drelev is the seat of power from which Baron Hannis Drelev once governed his chartered holdings on behalf of Brevoy. Although he and his companions managed to develop Fort Drelev into an impressive town, times have not been good at Fort Drelev of late, as ever since the baron capitulated to Irovetti and Armag, the town itself has been under a pall of fear and gloom. Many of the fort’s original complement of Brevic soldiers are dead, replaced by mercenaries and not quite-reformed bandits sent from Pitax (morale is made worse by the fact that many of these mercenaries represented the dregs of Pitax’s militia in the first place).

Since the High Lords liberated Fort Drelev, the town has been repaired and re-named Fort Hooktongue. The populace have been slow to trust their new rulers and the continuing aggression from the barbarians have kept them on edge.

Fort hooktongue

Fort Hooktongue

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