Current Quests

The Slough – 12,800 XP Each

Dragonfly Cloak

Source: Travelling Erastil Cleric, Borzaki
Task: A traveling cleric of Erastil named Borzaki makes a specialty of crafting magic items from giant insect parts. He promises to make a magic cloak for the first person who can bring him a large shipment of giant dragonfly wings.
Completion: The wings from no less than 6 giant dragonflies should suffice for Borzaki’s needs.
Reward: Borzaki uses some of the wings to craft a cloak of resistance +3 as a reward

Wanted: Slug Spit

Source: Bokken
Task: Local alchemist and only slightly dangerous eccentric Bokken promised a group of dwarves he could deliver some powerful metal-etching acid, but he’s run out of supplies! He needs a dozen vials of giant slug acid as soon as possible.
Completion: A single giant slug should provide enough acid for Bokken’s needs.
Reward: Bokken promises to brew up a dozen potions of the user’s choice as a reward.

Lil’ Hooktongue

Source: A local taxidermist in Fort Hooktongue
Task: Although no one’s seen the legendary lake monster named Hooktongue in ages, the lake’s certainly rife with other monsters. Ambitious taxidermist Quanchy Veeliker wants to stuff one of the freshwater elasmosauruses that live there.
Completion: Bring Quanchy a dead elasmosaurus from Lake Hooktongue, and be careful with the body!
Reward: Quanchy has promised a reward of 8,000gp for the first delivery of a usable elasmosaurus body to his shop back in Fort Hooktongue.

Wanted: Speartooth

Source: Wanted poster
Task: The saber-toothed tiger Speartooth has long plagued the hills west of the swamp. They say he’s killed and eaten a hundred people. So far, no one’s managed to bring the beast down.
Completion: Find Speartooth, kill him, and deliver his 22-inch-long fangs to the captain of the guard in any local city.
Reward: The standing bounty for Speartooth’s fangs is 8,000 gp.

Road to Wyvernstone

Source: Loy Rezbin, Mayor of Tatzlford
Task: The mayor of the village of Tatzlford wants to increase traffic and trade. He’s drafted plans for a road between his village and Wyvernstone Bridge over the East Sellen River, but he doesn’t have enough workers to start building the road.
Completion: Build a road that connects Tatzlford to Wyvernstone Bridge.
Reward: Not only will building this road help travel and trade, but the influx of business from the East Sellen also increases the nation’s Economy by +1.

Bog Mummy Terror

Source: Local Swampers
Task: Numerous families of local swampers and ruralfolk claim that something bad haunts the bogland on the border between the Narlmarches and Hooktongue Slough. Stories claim that bog mummies are rising from the muck to drown the living!
Completion: Track down the source of these tales about bog mummies. If there’s any truth to the tales, destroy the bog mummies.
Reward: With the threat of the bog mummies removed, the nation’s Stability increases by +1.

Chasing the Wind

Source: Jennavieve Kensen
Task: Although public opinion is that Jennavieve Kensenis a spoiled princess, no one denies that she’s rich. Her latest obsession is a story about a herd of wild horses led by a magnificent stallion named Windchaser that’s said to live west of the swamp. She’s promised a sizable reward if someone can bring her one of Windchaser’s herd to add to her stable.
Completion: Deliver one of the wild horses of the western Slough to Jennavieve, alive and well.
Reward: Jennavieve will pay 8,000 gp for the horse.

The Greenbelt – 1,600 XP Each

Hodag Hunt – Completed

Source: Stas, a lumberjack from Tatzlford
Task: Slay the Hodag that escaped with his magical spear.
Completion: Bring the head back so people know that Stas wasn’t making it up
Reward: Stas’ magical keen spear.

The Nomen Heights – 4,800 XP Each

Manticore Quills – Completed

Source: Iosis Vemarelian, local poet and playwright
Task: Iosis wishes to write a great epic with quills made from manticore spikes. He wishes a healthy bunch to complete his masterpiece.
Completion: The tail spikes from two adult manticores should be enough.
Reward: Rare book of ancient halfling poetry worth 3,000gp.

Mmmmm Eels – Completed

Source: Brissle Rivensky, owner of the Crowned Stag
Task: Brissle has his family coming to town from Absolom. He wishes to do his master chef father proud and wants two dozen eels from Lake Silverstep as they are considered the best in Avistan.
Completion: Catch and deliver 2 dozen eels.
Reward: A small sized +2 buckler with a beer mug painted on it.

Wanted: Spidersilk – Completed

Source: Hilde von Volfheim
Task: Hilde is trying to outfit her small cavalier order with some beautiful silk standards and finery. She has heard from the local hunters that the giant trap-door spiders in the east spin the softest silk. She would like 50 square yards taken from their dens.
Completion: Each lair should produce about 10 square yards. Deliver the silk when collected.
Reward: A cloak spun of spider silk crafted by Hilde herself. It will be enchanted to have +2 Protection.

A Missing Brother – Completed

Source: Edrist Hanvanki, a minor noble from Restov looking to start his own house.
Task: Edrist’s brother, Tomin, recently went to Varnhold to secure a deal with the local gem-cutter. He has been gone for weeks and Edrist has promised a reward of news of his whereabouts or at least the return of his brother’s mother-of-pearl bracelet.
Completion: Learn of Tomin’s fate and report the news to Edrist.
Reward: 3,000gp for news.

The Omelet King – Completed

Source: Relchoz Hriiat – local sweet maker and chef
Task: Relchoz has occasional food obsessions and his current one is to cook an omelet from a single roc’s egg. If one can be delivered, we will organize a cooking competition and invite chef’s from Brevoy and the River Kingdoms.
Completion: Deliver 1 undamaged roc’s egg.
Reward: Such a competition is sure to draw great renown and people to Maelstrom which would boost the economy with 6 BP.

A Missing Professor – Completed

Source: Jemanda Orlashen – A representative from Oppara’s Kitharodian Academy
Task: Jemanda has come to the Stolen Lands seeking one of that institution’s professors, a man named Ervil Pendrod. It seems Ervil recently traveled to Varnhold, following up some obscure clue about ancient Iobaria, but he didn’t actually arrange for a leave of absence.
Completion: Find Ervil and convince him to return to his job in Oppara.
Reward: Jemanda will reward whoever finds the missing professor with a fully charged wand of find traps.

Forgotten History – Completed

Task: Calathes has been instructed by the Pathfinder Organization to seek new information on the ancient Iobarian civilization.
Completion: Search the ruins in the Nomen Heights for surviving clues about Iobarian culture, particularly relating to the ancient cyclops tribes.
Reward: Calathes has been given a Circlet of Inspired Wisdom +2 to reward those who would help find this lost knowledge.

Sword Lords of Restov – 4,800 XP Each
The Varnhold Mystery – A plea from the Sword Lords of Restov

The Nomen Problem – Completed

Source: Charter from Restov
Task: The Nomen Centaurs have long caused trouble for southern Brevoy. Violent and territorial, they are a constant thorn in the side of any attempt to settle and civilize the eastern Stolen Lands.
Completion: Either drive the Nomen Centaurs out of the Stolen Lands, or secure a treaty with them.
Reward: For securing peace with the Nomen (or eradicating them; either solution sits well with Brevoy), the Sword Lords of Restov are willing to pay a 4,000 gp reward.

Current Quests

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