Current Events

Bandit Lords have fallen, Fey Queens banished and a thriving Country began all with a four year period. Yet despite the victories and the losses, the Feylands continue to draw attention both benign and terrible.

The following events are what are most concerning to the Council.

Assault of the Fiends

The attack on the High Lords by summoned Devils is of the highest concern to the Council. It appears that a false tax tithe was trapped with fell magic. Preliminary investigations suspect that the attack is tied to the Spymaster’s dealings with the Bellflower Network.


The Appearance of the Old Wyrm Blue Dragon

The sudden and unexpected appearance of such an ancient beast within Country has all spread like wildfire throughout the communities. Where he has gone and what he is doing is the Council’s first priority. The rumour that (he?) might be linked to the Spider Crones in the Margreve is a disturbing prospect.

Blue dragon

The Barbarian Moot

Through diplomacy with the High Lords, the Tiger Lord barbarians have agreed to hold a great moot to compete for the honour of wielding Ovrinbane. The moot is to happen within one calender month outside of Fort Hooktongue.

Tiger lord

Bi-Annual Pathfinder Associations Challenge of Champions

The Feylands have been chosen by the Pathfinder Association to host this year’s Challenge of Champions. The great competition will bring in thousands of people to the new country and increase it’s presence on the world stage.

The Capitol, Maelstrom, is where the great event will occur and already, the grounds and stages are being prepared for the games that will being in the next month.

Challenge of champions

The Over-population of Humans and Halflings

The High Lord Cael’lan Dwin’ghymn has requested that a human / halfling bounty be posted to bring the rising, plague-like proportions down. Humans to have a 50gp bounty and halflings a 25gp reward (they are half a human after all). This proposal is still being discussed by the Council as so far only three have voted for approval.

Current Events

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