Steel Whisker

A small sized elven crafted rapier

weapon (melee)

This 20 inch sword of elvish design is sized for a small individual. It possesses a 13 inch single-edged blade and a four inch wooden grip. The blade is attached to an extended guard and a full tang.

The grip is fashioned from carved darkwood and possesses a brass pommel. Elven script on the blade names the sword in three languages: elven, halfling and common. The sword’s elvish name, Quinmoash, is translated to mean Steel Whisker.

Quinmoash functions as a small sized +1 rapier. If you are a halfling using the sword, the sword allows you to make one extra attack per round, using your highest base attack bonus, plus any relevant modifiers, three times a day.


When the halfling burglar, Brinbow the Cat, performed a service for the elvish queen, he asked not for gold, but for an elvish blade suitable to his stature. The queen, pleased with the request, had his swordmaker craft Quinmoash for Brinbow.

Brinbow’s passed the sword on to his daughter, Braid, who likewise passed it on to her son Kinbow.
Unfortunately, Kinbow was addicted to gambling and lost Quinmoash in a card game with a group of

How it came to be in the possession of Lizard Folk is anyone’s guess but it now resides at the hip of the Spymaster of Penterius.

Steel Whisker

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