Miro's Malice

A heavy crossbow crafted from an owlbear's claw re-enforced with ironwood.

weapon (ranged)

Corrosive +2 Heavy Crossbow (small)

Legacy Upgrade: Shadowheart’s Eyes – 2 shadow gems socketed into the crossbows eyes.
Bonus: Blur (Constant)
Confusion 1/day DC 18 (Level 10)


This heavy crossbow has been carved from the claw of a huge owlbear. The side frame bears the crests of the Underfoot Clan and his new home, The Feylands. Crushed jade has been inlaid along the cross-pieces. The front of the crossbow has a carving of a laughing halfling face, the symbol of the Long Shadows, it’s eyes glittering with embedded gems.

When in use, the carvings and jade break up the lines of the wielder, blending them into the background. The laughing halfling face is usually the last thing an enemy sees.

Miro's Malice

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