Gaea's Ascendance

Composite longbow made of heartwood and elk antler

weapon (ranged)

Longbow medium

A magnificent bow made of intertwined heartwood and Elk Antler. The heartwood was gifted by the dryad Lena and taken from Elder Heartswood at the centre of Hartsong. The noble steed Hallas, whose speed and agility are sung of in the fables, contributed the elk antler.
The bow’s design details the story of Maelstrom’s Founding, its people and its relationship with Gaea’s forest through the carvings and runes across its surface.

+2 Bow with Electrical damage inspired by the brave troupe of Shock Lizards who accompany the heroes around the Faelands.

Legacy Upgrade – Bowstring of the Margreve – Hair donated by dryads and nymphs that was strung into a harp on which a one hundred verse ballad was played to the Forest Heart seed.

Intelligent Weapon – Gaea, Consciousness of the Margreve
Int: 10, Wis: 14, Chr: 14 – 30’ Senses & Telepathy
Lightning Bolt 1/day 10d6 DC: 18


Gaea’s Ascendance was crafted by Lady Cael’lan Dwingham in the year 4710. The bow was crafted to become a legacy for the Elven people who will forever inhabit the forests of the Faelands.

Gaea's Ascendance

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