Deck of Fickle Fate

An ancient Harrow Deck of intricate design.

weapon (ranged)

+2 Harrow Deck of Throwing.
Cards are indestructible.

Legacy Upgrade – The Black Card – An ancient harrow card that has magically blackened out.
On a successful Critical Hit one of the following effects will happen based the card turned over:

Str: Ray of Enfeeblement: d6+1
Dex: Slow 3 rounds
Con: Reduce Person 5 rounds
Int: Touch of Idiocy
Wis: Hideous Laughter 1 round
Chr: Pox Pustules – Subject is sickened 4 rounds


Crow’s harrow deck was handed down to him by his Grandmother, a renowned Harrower in her time before the onset of age clouded both her eyes and mind.

Though the deck is worn from years of use and the ink is fading, the elaborate artwork on each card still paints a vivid portrayal of fate and fortune.

Regardless of any properties the deck may have contained before being magically imbued, the cards are now played with lethal consequence as they fall upon Crow’s adversaries in a furious hail.

Still, every so often a card will appear to deviate from it’s course with occasionally unexpected results. Are these freak occurrences a result of a mis-timed throw, or perhaps a fluctuation in air currents? Crow is not certain, yet he suspects that after decades of harrowings, the deck continues to dictate the fate of those it encounters.

Deck of Fickle Fate

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