Svetlana Leveton


Having come to Oleg 7 springs ago at the age of 16, Svetlana is a hard-working and eager young lass. Innocent and sweet, she appears unaware of the side glances and whispers the trappers give her and Oleg. Already the strains of hard work and recent banditry have already worn thin lines in a far too youthful face.

The two children are her step-children.

Svetlana’s appointment is the newest of the council and so far, has proved to be a wise choice. Despite the quite vocal displeasure from her husband, Oleg, Svetlana has risen above her humble status and now confidently represents the people of the Feylands.

She however still spends a week each month in Olegton with her husband and to assist with the running of the trading post. While still unhappy with the arrangement, Oleg has come to accept it but he is very paranoid that someone will steal her in the big city.


Svetlana Leveton

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