Cael'lan Dwin'ghymn

Female elven ranger.


Caellan dwinghym


Cael’lan was the child of merchant parents plying their magnificently carved longbows through the River Kingdoms. After her parents were killed by bandits, Cael’lan travelled with her brother, Lysel, to the elven kingdom of Kyonin to study the elven ways long forgotten to the forlorn.

Cael’lan found life among the elves difficult. Their long lifespans allowed elves time to study and devote their lives to art and music. Cael’lan found this frivolous and could not reconcile life among the elves. She left Kyonin and her brother behind, and travelled to the city state of Absolom to seek out the Pathfinder Association. She offered her services as a guide to the Pathfinders. Their lives of travel and scholarly pursuits appealed to Cael’lan and gave her the chance to move freely around the kingdoms.

After she had proved her worth as a protector and companion, she was assigned to protect a young half elf scholar named Calathes. After spending the majority of her life among the short lived races, it was a pleasant change to spend time in the company of another person outside her family who would not grow old and die before her eyes.

Cael’lan and Calathes developed a strong friendship, one which Cael’lan always hoped would develop into something greater.

Cael'lan Dwin'ghymn

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