Jhod Kavken


Jhod came to the Stolen Lands following a vision he had of an ancient temple to Erastil. Since it has been found, he has worked tirelessly to have it restored to its former glory.

Jhod is popular amongst the more traditional townsfolk and gives sermons every Godsday to the masses. He his a firm believer of tradition, structure, hard work and discipline. He is known to be biased against other religions that do not share similar tenets. He also demands a lot of the Seneschals time in regards to having churches and shrines built as well as toughening up laws.

Jhod was assassinated in the year 4711 by an agent of Pitax (Royal Assassin on behalf of Lady Cael’lyn). The High Lords brought swift justice by sending a small party into Pitax to bring the assassin back for trial and hanging.

Jhod Kavken

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