Akiros Ismort


Akiros Ismort was another lieutenant under the Stag Lord but betrayed his master when the High Lords assaulted their base. He turned himself over to them for judgment afterwards but was spared. It was later revealed he was once a Paladin of Erastil but has fallen. The details are not known but he seems genuinely repentant.

As the people’s voice he has integrated himself well with the populace and has taken to wearing the robes of an initiate of the Erastil faith, something the High Priest, Jhod approves of. However, he seems quite unsure in his role and while he tries hard, he finds himself looked over in the council.

Kressle has quietly let it be known that he is subject to sudden deep depressions and occasional rages when he becomes quite uncontrollable, possibly due to the circumstances surrounding his fall from grace.

Akiros was assassinated in 4711 by an unknown party. Investigation is on-going by the Spy Master.

Akiros Ismort

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